Iuli Popescu and Mark McAllister to discuss NB Department of Health Gateway-as-a-Service Project at FHIR North Conference 


VeroSource CEO will join Director of MyHealthNB and Registries, NB Department of Health, to present the history, implementation, and vision for NB’s FHIR Gateway  

Fredericton, NB VeroSource Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that CEO Mark McAllister will be presenting alongside Iuli Popescu, Director of MyHealthNB and Registries at the New Brunswick Department of Health, at the upcoming FHIR North Conference. Together on Wednesday, October 26 at 3:30PM EST, the two will discuss the Gateway-as-a-Service (GaaS) project, which saw VeroSource's VS Gateway solution implemented in New Brunswick.

VS Gateway unlocks health data sources to delivery platforms for applications and data analysis through modern APIs, including FHIR. It is a cloud solution designed to make connections between new point of service systems and legacy back-end Electronic Health Record (EHR) repositories and registries.

Popescu and McAllister will share the history of how the GaaS project came to be, implementation lessons learned, and the vision for how GaaS will transform the way healthcare is delivered across the province of New Brunswick.

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