Huddle.Today: VeroSource Recognized Nationally as a Top SME in 2023


Alex Graham, Huddle.Today

FREDERICTON — New Brunswick digital health company VeroSource Solutions has been named one of the country’s top small and medium-sized employers for 2023. It’s positioning itself to move the province into the next stage of electronic records management.

“It’s pretty exciting,” says VeroSource’s marketing director, Helen Jamer. “It’s the first time we’ve been recognized for this award.”

Mark McAllister, the co-founder and CEO of VeroSource who has been the heart and soul of the business since its establishment in 2014, is not one to toot his own horn, despite creating a successful business in an ever-growing space.

Starting with a handful of employees just under a decade ago, VeroSource, which leans into the ‘vero’ – or truth – in the data the company uses, began as an app that monitored wait times in healthcare settings. But the company has become much more than that in recent years.

Most notably, VeroSource deployed the Covid-19 test results and immunization record technology for the provinces of New Brunswick and Manitoba, during the pandemic. The company worked with Canada Health Infoway to provide people with their test results, freeing up healthcare workers who would have otherwise had to call patients individually.

“I actually worked in healthcare consulting for seven years before I started the company,” explains McAllister. “I saw a lot of that information and that data stuck in silos.”

That’s when he knew that he wanted to be on the front lines of making that lifesaving health information easily accessible to those who need it the most. But there were still hurdles to overcome, changing people’s behaviour and acceptance of electronic health information.

“The first product we built was called the Gateway, and that Gateway is to move that healthcare information around securely and allow people to interact better with the healthcare system,” he says of the company’s flagship software, VS Gateway.

The product keeps healthcare information securely in the cloud, using standard APIs to make the system easy to integrate with existing record-keeping systems, all while allowing clinicians, citizens, and caregivers access to the information.

“That’s really the foundation of our company and what we’re all about.”

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