VS Platform puts health data where it belongs – in people’s hands

VS Platform is an end-to-end, customizable, cloud-based solution that enables people, clinicians, and decision-makers to seamlessly access and work with healthcare data. Its modern microservices architecture supports flexible solutions that address evolving client requirements. A configurable solution, VS Platform can be shaped to address your organizational digital healthcare needs.

VS Platform is available through a Managed Service Model

Monthly fees for VS Platform ensure clients have the most current, fully-managed solution without technical debt or ongoing maintenance costs. This model:

  • Removes the need for you to install and run applications on your own computers or in your own data centers.
  • Eliminates the expense of hardware acquisition, installation, and support.
  • Allows you to focus on your key business goals.


Hosted on cloud infrastructure, with services that help protect data, accounts, and workloads from unauthorized access.

High Availability

24/7/365, 99.95% availability target with infrastructure redundancy over multiple geographic regions.


Uses technologies to ensure scalability, including Kubernetes, Application Load Balancers, Auto-Scalers, and Relational Database Services.


Clients can leverage individual platform components as needed, without risk of coding conflicts or service outages.

Zero Downtime Deployment

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) to automate builds enables zero downtime deployments and elimination of errors from manual deploys.

Faster Time-to-Launch

Easy, fast feature developments and upgrades enable rapid development cycles and short deployment times.
Interoperability enables different health solutions and devices to “speak the same language”. It facilitates the flow of information within the healthcare sphere, adhering to modern standards (i.e. HL7/FHIR). VS Gateway is VeroSource’s solution for interoperable, on-demand digital access to health information.
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An abundance of data moves through the healthcare system every day. The Data & AI component of VS Platform, comprised of VS Data-as-a-Service (VS DaaS), enables actionable insights to be uncovered from this data. Improve decision making, highlight inefficiencies, and more. Turn your data into valuable insights that drive positive transformation.
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Have peace of mind that your patients can securely access the health information they want when they need. VS Platform’s Access component includes the VS MyHealth digital front door, VS Digital ID, and VS Wellness Check solutions. These solutions empower people with anytime, anywhere access to healthcare information.
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