Digital transformation can be painless. Really.

VeroSource is your bridge between legacy systems and a new generation of cloud technology that makes sharing and managing data efficient and convenient. Instead of a costly, lengthy rip-and-replace approach, our SaaS solutions integrate with your existing systems for a smooth transition to your digital future.

Improved Scalability

Easy to update and scale individual microservices. Plus, focus resources to meet spikes in demand or respond to opportunities.


Easier, faster feature developments and upgrades; microservices are built/changed and deployed without risk of coding conflicts or service outages.

Greater Flexibility

VeroSource’s microservices are platform and cloud agnostic, providing the flexibility to only use the best, most modern tools.

Better Data Security & Compliance

Secure APIs connect microservices and ensure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized applications, users and servers.

More Resilient

Our solutions are built to be highly available, with geographically separated data centres in case of failover.

Lower Total
Cost of Ownership

Monthly subscription ensures clients always have the most current, fully-managed solution without technical debt or ongoing maintenance fees.

VS Gateway

Built on our foundational VeroSource Framework (VSF) architecture, VS Gateway is a digital health cloud solution that securely and rapidly connects citizens, clinicians, and physicians with healthcare data from complex backend systems through modern healthcare standards-based APIs.
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VS Data-as-a-Service (VS DaaS)

VS DaaS simplifies the path from data discovery to actionable data and artificial intelligence capabilities. It ingests, cleanses, and analyzes data to create compelling insights for businesses and powerful data sets for application use.
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VS MyHealth

Our citizen-facing application gives people easy, secure access to personal health information, such as lab results, medication profile and immunization records through a secure web portal.
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VS Wellness Check

We enable healthy aging at home for seniors by giving home care workers tools to collect data that improves individual care and drives large-scale predictive analysis.
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