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We collaborate with government departments and private-sector organizations through the full lifecycle of digital transformation projects.


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MyHealthNB Provides Digital Access to Personal Healthcare Records

Collaborators: New Brunswick Department of Health, Simeio Digital ID, Salesforce

New Brunswick is on a journey to empower people with healthcare data. With the help of VeroSource’s VS Gateway, they started by establishing the cloud infrastructure necessary for an interoperable system. Now, leveraging VeroSource’s VS MyHealth solution, the NB Department of Health is putting healthcare data right in the hands of people with MyHealthNB.

Instead of citizens having to visit their primary care physician or health authority to access their personal health records, they can log into the MyHealthNB app or web portal to access health records including immunizations, lab results, diagnostic imaging, dispensed medications, and more.

MyHealthNB is modernizing how New Brunswickers interact with the healthcare system.
  • Access to healthcare data promotes informed decision-making
  • Data enables people to better navigate the healthcare system
  • Easy and secure access to health records reduces the burden on health system resources
  • Citizens without a family doctor are able to access their personal health records efficiently
  • Digital access to test results eliminates unnecessary appointments, phone calls, mail, and more
“Providing New Brunswickers with easier access to their health information empowers them to make informed decisions about their health care. I am proud to see this initiative expanding both access and the information available to citizens, and I am grateful to the regional health authorities, the New Brunswick Medical Society, the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists, the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association, the Nurse Practitioners of New Brunswick, and Service New Brunswick, as well as VeroSource Solutions, Jackets Creative, Salesforce and Simeio Solutions for acting as our planning and vendor partners.”
Bruce Fitch
Health Minister, Government of New Brunswick

Healthy Seniors Pilot Project

Collaborators: Kindred Homecare, University of New Brunswick

The Province of New Brunswick launched the Healthy Seniors Pilot Project in 2018 to support new ideas that improve seniors’ quality of life. As part of this initiative, VeroSource Framework and the Wellness Check app were leveraged to allow homecare workers to collect clients’ healthcare data easily.

In collaboration with Kindred Home Care and the University of New Brunswick, this research project empowers seniors and their caregivers to take action around their health, staying in their own homes longer and reducing expensive hospitalizations. In the longer-term, that data will be studied in aggregate using predictive analytics to discover trends and develop preventative monitoring programs. Wellness Check:
  • Increases engagement of seniors and their circle of care
  • Empowers people with their personal data
  • Draws on client data from Salesforce
  • Has future plans for additional measurements and tests
  • Supports preventive care through data analysis
“ VeroSource Framework provides the ideal foundation for our PITCH data analytics platform, providing us with confidence in its privacy and security. As partners, the VeroSource team brings a refreshing blend of forward-thinking and friendly with invaluable experience and knowledge in the digital health space."
Erik Scheme, PhD, PEng
Associate professor, Electrical and computer engineering, Director of the health technologies lab, unb

Social Supports NB

Social Supports NB is a user-friendly website that the New Brunswick Department of Social Development launched in 2020 to help seniors, their families and caregivers easily find information on government and community programs or services. 

As the technology partner on the project, VeroSource created a website architecture that is easy to navigate and maintain. We also developed and designed custom solutions, such as an online financial help calculator, that help seniors determine their eligibility for programs and more easily navigate complex systems. Social Supports NB:
  • Emerges as GNB’s primary online resource for seniors
  • Includes online tools to help with decision-making
  • Reduces call volume to Social Development information line
  • Empowers seniors and caregivers to seek support
  • Demonstrates government’s commitment to digital transformation
  • Complements the launch of 211, a free resource to help people navigate programs and services.
“There has never been a more critical time to get access to clear and straightforward information. We are thrilled to be able to offer New Brunswickers a new option to learn more about services and programs. The department is committed to helping our clients during this difficult time. While we cannot take away all of the worry, we can make it much easier to get answers.”
Bruce Fitch
NB Social Development Minister

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