Secure, digital access to your health data is the new normal

Better Information = Better Health

A person-centric digital front door, VS MyHealth empowers people to navigate the healthcare system, providing secure access to their personal health information and healthcare services. VS MyHealth is available as both a web and a native mobile application for phones and tablets. Features include:

  • Customizable: Make updates and add new features easily due to common code base for web, Android, and iOS.
  • User-Permission Control: Level of Access (LOA) controls to increase user verification, enabling access to more sensitive information.
  • Brand-friendly: White-labeled user interface, styles, and colours to match clients’ branding.
  • User-friendly Experience: Built with a design-centric approach to ensure adoption and engagement.
  • Notifications: When new information is available to users, such as bookings or test results.
  • Geographically minded: Users can be directed to services closest to them.
  • Multi-lingual: By design with current implementations in English and French.

VS MyHealth provides secure digital access to personal health records (PHR) including lab results, medication profiles, diagnostic imaging, and immunization records.

Self-serve healthcare data, at your fingertips.

Convenient, secure, real-time results don’t only improve service to citizens. They drive cost savings for healthcare providers by offering a self-serve option.

Empower People

Information is power. Giving people access to their personal data and other services helps them make better decisions about their health.

Enhance Patient Experience

Features such as appointment booking and access to virtual care appointments improve patient engagement and retention.

Create Operational Efficiencies

Reduce clinician workloads with improved patient workflows for onboarding, screening, follow-up, referrals, scheduling, and secure messaging.

VS Digital ID is VeroSource’s secure, API-based service for modern authentication and authorization.

  • Authenticate: Verify users via username, password, biometric data and/or security tokens. Supports integration with 3rd party IAM platforms.
  • Authorize: Authorize new users and modify access level(s) of existing users to gain access to secure information.

Wellness Check

VS Wellness Check’s user-friendly interface lets homecare workers gather their clients’ health data with ease. Co-built on our foundational VS Platform and designed for non-technical people, this secure digital monitoring solution replaces pen and paper tracking for more efficient ongoing data capture for better client care.

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