Unleash the power of your 
data assets

The Data & AI component of VS Platform includes the VS Data-as-a-Service (VS DaaS) solution. VS DaaS is a full-service cloud analytics platform that curates, analyzes, and presents data models, enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is designed to apply custom data governance structures, ensuring appropriate privacy standards and peace of mind whenever data is in use.

Bring your data to life

Resilient and fault resistant, VS DaaS is comprised of three main components:

  • Prep and Store, where all the data cleansing happens. Data is ingested and prepared for analysis (data cleansing and normalizing).
  • Model and Analyze, where insights are gathered, and questions are answered. It provides data modelling and analytics capabilities using statistical and machine learning techniques.
  • Ready, where data is made ready for applications, reporting, and dashboards. Ready supports various reporting and visualization tool sets, including PowerBI and Tableau.

VS DaaS can be used to present clinical data results through a secure connection, provide system performance dashboards, or support AI and Machine Learning for clinical decision support.


Make smarter, data-driven decisions 

Unleash the power of data to identify policy or procedural issues, highlight inefficiencies, identify bottlenecks, and more. Turn data into valuable insights that drive positive transformation.

Govern your data

Siloed data makes analysis across different teams, groups, or departments difficult. VS DaaS can be configured in accordance with business governance rules, allowing data to be shared and analyzed across a wider spectrum.

Capitalize on existing data

Frustrated by a confusing mess of unusable data? VS DaaS organizes and transforms data, structuring it for accuracy and consistency to make it work for you.

Empower analysts

Enable data teams to focus on analytics without getting bogged down with infrastructure, database programming, data cleaning, and database administration responsibilities.

Make data digestible

Avoid overwhelm by allowing VeroSource to help identify required data, filter out the noise, and only capture and push forward the most relevant data.

Make data reusable

Achieve incremental improvements to your data lifecyle. Avoid starting from scratch for each new analysis by automating data collection and storing processes.

Do more with data

Transform legacy data into modern API calls and clean data sets–or even pull in additional external data sets–to enable machine-learning predictions and visualizations in modern applications.