Interoperability: Connecting the dots in digital healthcare.

VS Gateway unlocks health data sources to delivery platforms for applications and data analysis through modern APIs (i.e. HL7 and FHIR). It connects modern and legacy health systems for secure, interoperable, on-demand digital access to health information.


VS Gateway features best-in-class protection of Personal Information (PI) and Personal Health Information (PHI).


Privacy-by-design principles guarantee compliance with federal & provincial privacy standards.


Data is housed in cloud infrastructure, complying to global standards of data protection, retention, and secure destruction.

VS Gateway Components

VS Gateway integrates health data sources such as Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), pharmacy information systems, and hospital information systems to delivery platforms for applications and data analysis. Interoperability is possible through standardized APIs rather than custom integrations.

VS Gateway is built on modern microservices architecture, so each component functions autonomously.
  • VS Gateway uses current healthcare standards-based APIs (i.e. HL7v2/3, FHIR), which can be configured to adhere to jurisdictional specifications (i.e. CA:FeX, International Patient Summary).
  • VeroSource has experience transforming healthcare data from various formats (Database, SOAP, REST, etc.) and will work with clients to define solutions that will allow data transformation and ingestion into VS Gateway.
  • Component-based and pluggable to any system, VS Gateway is built with containerized microservices, meaning more flexible deployment and portability.


VS Gateway’s Audit Service captures all traffic entering / exiting, tracks any services created, and provides a forensic history of all gateway interactions.


Ensure your apps are secure with JSON Web Tokens and OpenID Connect. VS Gateway’s Authentication Service contains Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to secure access to individual services and operations. It supports having multiple authentication providers active at once via any user sign-in mechanism.


VS Gateway’s Consent Service secures and delegates access to personal data. Users can specify permissions for viewing their data. Traffic flowing through VS Gateway that may contain personal information (PI) or personal health information (PHI) goes through Consent Service to ensure only those that need that data can access it.


VS Gateway provides a full suite of FHIR ( APIs that can integrate with clinical back-end systems. Our FHIR services leverage HAPI FHIR open-source libraries and integrate with VS Gateway’s internal security and auditing.


VS Gateway user interfaces support several languages and allow end users to change languages at any point in a session. Textual values are not hard coded but tied to code value stores contained within resource bundles, enabling the support of simultaneous multiple languages within a single VS Gateway installation.

User Registry

VS Gateway’s User Registry stores information about each user of VS Gateway. Demographics include name, phone number(s), email, address(es), push notification identifiers, notes, and data collection.
"Interoperability enables information to flow seamlessly between different solutions and devices…it improves continuity of care, collaboration between health providers and patient access to their health information. By breaking down data silos, it also reduces inefficiencies and redundancies within the health system."
- Canada Health Infoway