Empowering better health through easy data collection

Information is power

Research shows that the more people know about their health, the better their outcomes. VS Wellness Check is the easy way for caregivers to gather data such as height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation. This information can be used for preventative care, to keep seniors in their homes, healthy, for as long as possible.

VS Wellness Check benefits seniors and caregivers

Along with getting seniors invested in their health, VS Wellness Check empowers homecare workers and family caregivers to provide the best help. VS Wellness Check:

Improves homecare

Our efficient, user-friendly interface means less time collecting data and more time providing care.

Increases Engagement

Engaging seniors and their caregivers in their health helps them make better, healthier decisions.

Reduces Anxiety

Research shows that measuring health leads to less anxiety and better mental health.

Connect the Circle of Care

Share information with family and anyone else in the senior’s circle of care to increase their support.

Protects Privacy

Our industry-leading, secure-by-design software ensures seniors’ personal healthcare data is safe.